Research & Development

Constant and continuous improvement is not one of SOP's objective, but it is a prerequisite.

For this reason, research has a fundamental role within the company: apart from the numerous publications, which have been presented at the most important congresses of the sector all over the world (National Mastitis Council, World Association for Buiatrics, American Dairy Science Association, Canadian Society of Animal Science, Società Italiana di Buiatria, etc..) in collaboration with some of the best universities of the world (Università di Milano, Università di Torino, Università di Perugia, Università di Camerino, Università di Parma, Cornell University, University of Guelph, etc...) SOP is committed, on a daily basis, to monitoring, experimenting and carrying out trials in collaboration with our clients, with the objective of supplying new, practical and tested solutions from the true SOP laboratory: the farm!