SOP will be at the Fieragricola 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

We look forward to seeing you from Wednesday 29th January to Saturday 1st February at the Fieragricola 2020 in Verona! 

We will be in pavilion 9, on the left of the Coldiretti stand and opposite the Ruminantia stand! 

Saturday 1st February at 15.30 there will be the SOP presentation at the Ruminantia stand regarding how it is possible to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farms and rationalize the use of synthetic fertilizers. 

The SOP speakers are: 

Gioacchino Quarta, SOP technical consultant for the animal husbandry sector 

Roberto Pozzato, SOP technical consultant for the agricultural sector 

Marcello Ermidio Chiodini, the member of the SOP R&D team responsible for sustainable agriculture


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