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Mitigation strategies for Ammonia, GHG and odorous emissions from stored liquid manure

The study was performed on separated liquid manure, sourced from a commercial dairy farm (900 head, Solano County, CA) which is representative of typical dairy operations. Ammonia (NH3), Greenhouse gases (GHG), and odorous emissions were measured over time to assess the potential impact of SOP LAGOON for emissions mitigation at source in manure management. 

New Scientific Publication on Emissions Mitigation

SOP LAGOON, when added to dairy slurry storage pits, can reduce ammonia (NH3) and GHG emissions, namely methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, while lowering nitrate accumulation. SOP LAGOON could contribute to the reduction of atmospheric emissions caused by manure storage, positively affect climate change and make intensive farming more sustainable.

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