SOP COCUS Sorghum+

SOP® COCUS Sorghum+ is one of the products of the SOP® Crop Line, to be used in direct contact with the seed. The dosage of 200 g/ha, is sufficient to guarantee treatment for all the crops, with a single application as a seed dressing.

 As with all of the SOP Crop Line products, SOP COCUS Sorghum+ has a dual action: 

 - direct action: stimulation of germination and root growth and development, and greater plant health;       

 - indirect action: stimulation of the soil bacteria, which are responsible for the transformation of the nitrogen and other nutrients into a form that is assimilable by the plant, allowing the plant to get the most out of the soil resources*. Thanks to this process, the soil is not impoverished, on the contrary, it becomes more and more fertile, year after year.       

*in the presence of any type of organic matter (crop residues, animal husbandry effluence, digestate from biogas).

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