Values & Mission

SOP® Save Our Planet brings an innovative approach to the field that combines sustainable development  with farm turnover, bringing benefits to the three aspects which real sustainability can and must regard: economic, environmental and social. 

Since 2001, with study, research and its presence in the field, SOP srl has created a line of products  to help the farmer optimize the available resources, in order to have positive effects within the barn environment, on animal wellbeing, effluent management and forage cultivation. 

By studying the billions of microorganisms living in the barn environment, in the liquid manure, in the  soil as well as, and above all, the processes favoring the maintenance of homeostasis in the dairy cow, 

SOP has been able to develop products for dairy farming, based on the SOP technology, which are able  to interact with the autochthonous microbiome (already present in the environment/animal).

In this way, thousands of farmers all over the world are getting optimum results regarding production, safeguarding, at the same time, the environment with less pollution of the air and water, with fewer emissions and, therefore, a healthier environment and greater comfort for both the animals and workers.

This is our Sustainable Intensive Agriculture: helping the farmers to grow within their activity, to satisfy the needs of our generation without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy theirs, to reach the common objective, to… Save Our Planet.