Sustainable Development Goals

SOP supports the United Nations Global Compact and is actively committed to the realization of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Furthermore, by using the SOP products, farmers are able to improve, among other things:

SDG 3: HEALTH & WELLBEING, limiting ammonia emissions, precursor of fine particulate matter formation

SDG 6: CLEAN WATER & SANITATION, limiting the quantity of nitrates leached from liquid manure and fertilizers that contaminate ground water 

SDG 8: DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH, improving the economic sustainability of the crops 

SDG 10: REDUCE INEQUALITIES, improving plant resistance and adaptability to climate change, even in areas with particularly difficult conditions 

SDG 12: SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION, improving the effeciency of production systems, to produce more, with fewer resources  

SDG 13: CLIMATE ACTION, significantly reducing green house gas emissions (especially methane and nitrous oxide) from agricultural activities, increasing carbon stored in the soil thanks to a more developed root system 

SDG 15: Reducing the eutrophication and acidification of the soil due to excessive fertilization and carbon emissions into the air 

SDG 17: PARTNERSHIP FOR GOALS, turning communication between farmers and institiutions into part of the sustainable solution instead of being only about problems 

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