On a dairy farm, there are many aspects to be kept under control.
A healthy and comfortable environment is the basis for correct development and a good production regime.
Obviously, the repercussions of any changes made must be considered, regarding: feed, productivity and fertility.
For this reason, a state of health that is able to respond to any external stimulations or changes in the best possible way, is fundamental...
...right from the calf pen, as the calves of today are the cows of tomorrow!
Last, but by no means least, solid and liquid manure is becoming more and more complicated to manage, given the ever growing restrictions on its use.

Dairy cows

The products of the SOP Dairy Line offer the farmer solutions for:

the Environment: thanks to the process of bio-hygienization, the products help to create a new balance, modulating the environmental bacterial load to the advantage of the animal, the herd and the whole environment. This is possible by favouring the humification process instead of that of putrefaction and the results can be felt on all the surfaces of the farm, from the plastic mats to the permanent bedding

Health and wellbeing: thanks to the stimulation of the symbiont microbial flora of the animal as well as the bio-resilience centres, the animal reacts better to changes in the barn or to other external stimulations, maintaining greater equilibrium and, consequently, higher standards of health and production

Liquid manure management: thanks to the bio-valorization process, manure management is facilitated under the slats, in the receiving and large storage pits and, more importantly, the manure develops a greater agronomic value, being transformed from a "problem" into a "resource".

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