On intensive poultry farms space is limited to be able to optimize management and batch profit.
The fact that these environments have limited possibilities for aeration, means that the environment takes on a relevant importance in farm management.
High ammonia emissions not only give great discomfort, but they have huge repercussions on the growth of the whole farm.
Healthier animals are capable of dealing better with the stess they undergo due to the very restricted living spaces, managing, in this way, to improve the daily feed conversion ratio.

Poultry farming

The products of the SOP Poultry Line offer the farmer solutions for:

the Environment: thanks to the process of Bio-hygienization, the products help to create a new equilibrium in the barn, modulating the environmental bacterial load to the advantage of the individual bird, the flock and the whole environment. This is possible by favouring the humification process instead of that of putrefaction

Health and wellbeing: thanks to direct stimulation of its Bio-resilience centres, the animal is able to react more efficiently to any changes in the barn and to any other external stimulation, maintaining greater equilibrium and, consequently, higher standards of quality and production

Odor and ammonia emissions: thanks to the Bio-hygienization process, ammonia emissions are reduced, not only in the environment, but also from the droppings in the treated areas of the farm.

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