Livestock effluents

Here is the list of the benefits you can obtain thanks to the Lagoon Line: 

Finance and management

  • improved fertilization effectiveness
  • up to a 10%1 reduction of  synthetic fertilizer with no productivity loss, with the possibility of a further reduction,  up to 40%2, with the addition of the agro line products
  • up to a 60%3 reduction of agitation costs
  • more fluid and homogeneous manure
  • elimination of crust issues.

Soil and environment

  • more agronomic value of soil
  • up to a 100%3 reduction of odor in manure storage and spreading
  • up to a 100%4 reduction of ammonia and nitrous oxide
  • up to a 80%5 reduction of methane
  • up to a 75%5 reduction of carbon dioxide. 

1 Elaborated by Borgonovo et al., Sustainability, 2019
2 Maris et al., Agronomy, 2021
3 International SOP research, 2022
4 Data from Borgonovo et al., 2019 and Peterson et al, 2020, Sustainability
5 Data from Chiodini et al., 2023, Sustainability.

Up to a 10% reduction of synthetic fertilizer. Up to 40%, with the addition of the Agro Line products.

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Our products in the Lagoon Line:

SOP Lagoon

A powdered additive that dissolves and fluidifies crust and reduces greenhouse and other polluting gas emissions.

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SOP Lagoon Activator

Soluble additive for the activation of large quantities of liquid manure.

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SOP Pig Lagoon

A practical additive for the liquid manure of pigs.


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SOP Lagoon Feed Beef

Drastically reduces odors, emissions and crusts from the liquid manure of beef cattle.

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