Udder health: besides breeding, management plays an important part.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

This is the title of the article by @Holstein International in which we at SOP are included as one of the solutions for how to keep pathogens under control. Inside, there is also a quote by Daniele Aspesi, our Research and Development Manager.

Read the paragraph of the article that concerns us below:


Save Our Planet (abbr: SOP) is an Italian company whose mission is best described in their name. Since 2001 they have been working to improve agricultural sustainability without losing sight of farm profitability. ‘At first it was a challenge to convince farmers, though now this is often very simple, and especially in the younger generation of farmers the responsibility of agriculture as part of the overall system is ever better understood. 

Sustainability has become an important goal for many farms and farm managers are aware that, for example, through the reduction of methane and ammonia emissions better production efficiency can be achieved and as such environmental protection and profitability complement one another,’ shares Daniele Aspesi, head of Research and Development for SOP. 

One product to improve efficiency is SOP Star Cow, which is now used on many farms. It is a feed additive that works in various ways. On one side, efficiency in the digestive tract is improved, which improves health as well as production potential while reducing methane, ammonia and CO2 emissions. 

On the other side, it pursues optimal bio sanitation. ‘There will always be beneficial and harmful microbes in barns and our goal is to stimulate them in such a manner that balance always shifts towards beneficial microbes which, for example, contribute to the composting of bedding. Unwanted environmental pathogens, which are often responsible for udder diseases, are not directly killed, but they are present in smaller proportions,’ explains Aspesi, for whom this is a better option than regularly repeated disinfection, which makes no distinction between beneficial and harmful bacteria.

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