SOP is an official sponsor of the 3rd International “Forage & Fibre” Congress

Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday 15th February 2019

presso Piacenza Expo

SOP®, Save Our Planet since 2001, with study, research and presence in the field, elaborates products that help farmers to optimize sustainability and results in the cultivation of forage crops, on cattle farms and in manure management

SOP brings ECONOMIC BENEFITS to the farm, thus a greater yield and better quality harvest, lower fertilization costs, better quality milk, better feed conversion ratio and increased animal wellbeing. Furthermore, the use of SOP results in a farm with a LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, thus less water and soil pollution by effluents and fertilizers, better quality soils and reduced emissions of Greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N20). Finally, it results in LESS POLLUTION, that is, lower ammonia emissions (and consequent PM 2.5) from effluents and the farm, less odor, resulting in low levels of discomfort for workers, and fewer pollutants in the final product. 

Our Sustainable Intensive Agriculture helps the farmer to develop their activity, to satisfy the needs of our generation without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy thier own, reaching the common objective of: Saving Our Planet.  

The foreign speakers chosen for this edition are well known on a global level in their respective specializations and their discussion, with specific reference to Italy, will aim to update and enhance the knowledge of the audience in a provocative way.

Our aim is always the same: manage to feed the dairy cows in the best way by utilizing the farm's own forage production whilst also optimizing the farm turnover.

The event's programme is very intensive: talk and share, learn and understand, exchange information and meet other professionals, update oneself and create networks is the heart of this event. 

Click here to see the event's programme.

The event is organized by EDICE. 

For further information visit the website:

You will find us at stand no. 6

See you there!

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