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Thursday, February 13, 2020

“No, the world won't finish in 10 years because of climate change.

The climate is in the process of changing at the moment, as a consequence of things that have happened in the past. You need to adapt for these things, you need to define solutions in order to keep your prosperity and allow you to grow and develop but, at the same time, be mindful of the environment.

And there are products around, there are methods, there are new technologies out there that can help us all. You just have to use them and make them work as best as they can”.

"And one of those would be the product I’m using from SOP, which helps lower the emissions in my manure". 

This is part of a conversation between David Grimes, past President of the WMO and Manager of the Meteorological Service of Canada since July 2006, and farmer and environmental influencer Derrick Josi during a walk on the latter's farm in Oregon. 

Derrick, in fact, has been using SOP LAGOON, for a while, in the management of the liquid manure from his farms and in the video he talks about its features and properties. 

“We are using the product SOP LAGOON and we are completely satisfied. It helps to reduce the emissions from the liquid manure and it allows us, consequently, to have greener and lusher grass in our fields," explains Josi.

“The greener and stronger the plant, the greater quantity of carbon it can absorb.

By utilizing this product, you are also reducing you environmental impact and giving a precious hand to the Planet," comments Grimes.

SOP LAGOON, for those that haven't heard of it yet, is a commercial additive for liquid manure created by SOP to dissolve and fluidify any crust (limiting or even eliminating the need for an agitator), reducing emissions of odor, ammonia and Greenhouse gases from the liquid manure during storage and/or spreading and improving its fertilizing capacity.

In order to create SOP LAGOON, SOP's technical team selected a specific quality of calcium sulphate dihydrate (known for its efficacy in reducing ammonia and methane emissions) which, when processed with the SOP technology, is able to effectively influence the microorganisms in the liquid manure at extremely low dosages.

The product has been available on the European and US markets for the last 15 years.

Studies carried out at the Università di Milano and the University of California - the latest of which was published on 13th February of this year - have demonstrated that SOP LAGOON is the only additive in the world capable of simultaneously reducing the emissions of ammonia (NH3) and Greenhouse gases (CH4, N2O, CO2) without accumulating nitrates in the liquid manure.

As Josi writes in his blog:

Caring for our cows takes 365 days of dedication, 24 hours a day. Our dairy cows are more than just animals, they are our livelihood, our legacy, our family.

Our commitment to supplying high quality milk starts from the care of our cows. For this reason, we work in close contact with nutritionists and veterinarians to elaborate nutritious feed, give the best healthcare and create optimal living conditions.

SOP LAGOON is an optimum ally in achieving this."

Over the last few weeks, a research team coordinated by Prof. Frank Mitloehner PhD, professor of the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis and Director of CLEAR Center (Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research at UC Davis), analyzed separated liquid manure from a dairy farm (900 total head) in California. The Ammonia emissions (NH3), Greenhouse gases (GHG) and odors were measured over the duration of the trial to evaluate the potential impact of SOP LAGOON in the mitigation of emissions in the management of liquid manure. 

The liquid manure treated with the SOP LAGOON additive showed significantly lower emission levels for the whole period monitored: 

• Ammonia (NH3) reduced by 45.9%

• Methane (CH4) reduced by 22.7%

• Nitrous oxide (N2O) reduced by 45.4%

• Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduced by 14.7%.

The use of SOP LAGOON also significantly reduced odor intensity.

“The benefits that the SOP LAGOON additive brings to agriculture and the environment are impressive.

On a world scale, SOP LAGOON could be the key to offering environmental compensation and credits against the impact of agricultural production on climate change, atmospheric pollution, the health of ecosystems and water quality," 

declared David Grimes after reading the results of the studies.

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