Cocus Maize Compact

Cocus Maize Compact is the Agro Line - Feed Crops product for corn and is designed for use in direct contact with the seed. The dosage of 100 g/ha is enough to guarantee treatment for the whole crop, through a single application as a seed dressing.

Like all the other Agro Line - Feed Crops products, Cocus Maize Compact has a dual action:

Benefits for the plant: 

  • better absorption of nitrogen and other nutrients: more balanced nutrition
  • more homogeneous germination
  • greater root development and consequent increase of the absorbent surface
  • greater resistance of the plant to stress and higher adaptability to climate change
  • greater plant vigor and harvest uniformity.

Benefits for the soil:

  • higher soil quality and less leaching
  • better structure and capability to hold water
  • greater availability of phosphorus and microelements.






stimulate the biological activity in the soil to accompany the plant throughout its growth.

The activity of the SOP Bio-enhancers result in a 30% reduction in nitrogen fertilization right from the first year of use, whilst keeping the same levels of production.

(Università Cattolica di Piacenza, 2019)

Greater interaction with microrganisms
Greater root development
Greater assimilation of nutrients and water


Greater root development
More organic substances in the soil
Greater mid and long term fertility


Reduction in nitrogen fertilization
Greater sustainability
Adaption to European requirements

Standard cultivation - SOP treated

Greater leaf surface, taller and wider stem.

Cocus Maize Compact - Use

Use: mix the product with the seed in a container or directly in the seed bag or in the seeder hopper.
Powdered fertilizer for corn seeds.
In order to fully appreciate the effectiveness of the product, we recommend the use of organic fertilization.

Contents of box: 400 g (0.88 lb).

Dosage: 100 g (0.22 lb) / ha.
1 box = 4 hectares. 
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Contact the company to receive more specific information.

As for all the Agro Line - Feed Crops products, Cocus Maize Compact is allowed in organic farming and has a dual action: on the soil and on the crops.


Since 2001, SOP has been in the front line, helping farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their harvest. Many of them have been using the Agro Line products for more than 10 years and the benefits they are receiving are extremely positive and with no side effects.

Here are a few of their testimonials:

Agostino Alloisio & Sons' Farm (Borgo San Giacomo - BS - Italy)

uses Cocus Maize Compact

Agostino Alloisio & Sons Farm (Borgo San Giacomo -BS- Italy)

uses Cocus Maize Compact

La Serenissima Farm (Calcinato - BS - Italy)

uses Cocus Cereals Compact, Cocus Maize Compact & Cocus Alfalfa Compact

Frisia Farm of Nino Andena (Bertonico -LO- Italy)

uses Cocus Maize Compact

Alberto Lorenzi's Farm (Montichiari-BS- Italy)

uses Cocus Maize Compact

Alessandro & Carmelo Iseppi's Farm (Sandrigo -VI- Italy)

uses Cocus Maize Compact


The SOP products have been the subject of numerous tests and studies by some of the most important universities in the world: University of California (Davis), Cornell University, Guelph (Canada) and the universities of Milan, Perugia, Parma and Turin in Italy.

Scientific Publication published in "Agronomy" 24/02/2021

Reducing N fertilization without yield penalties in maize with a commercially available seed dressing (Cocus Maize Compact)

(Piacenza University -PC- Italy)

17th IFOAM Organic World Congress (Namyangju City, People's Republic of Korea) 2011

A new phytostimulating treatment for Maize seed germination

(A. Zanierato, D. Tassi, I. Accorinti, P. Luparia, E. Vieira de Manincor, & C. Baffi)

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